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On I am helped by a number of kind and knowledgeable people, who have produced Anna Grammar Worksheets, and help get my English grammar answers up on the Web.

I hope you enjoy my grammar worksheets. There is one for Intermediate ESL students and another for Elementary ESL students.

Worksheet - past simple & continuous
An Intermediate Worksheet from Anna Grammar with exercises using the past continuous in context.
Comparative & Superlative Adjectives - Elementary
We often want to look at people or things together so that we can see how they are different. When we do this, we are comparing things. An Anna Grammar worksheet for elementary students.

I also answer letters from English teachers from all around the world who write to me with issues about our sometimes confusing and illogical English Grammar.

Learn English in England, Ireland and Malta with other languages to enhance your English skills.

Adjectives - comparatives and spelling
Mark from Japan asks about teaching students the difference between short and long vowels so they can remember how to spell comparative forms.

Please remember that I get hundreds of emails, and can only answer some of them, and then only through the site's Anna Grammar questions and answers pages. (Perhaps your question has already been answered. That's efficiency for you!) - Anna Grammar answers Enlish language grammar questions

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